Conference Day Two - Thursday, 12 September

Welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the chair

Erin Coldham
Chief Development Officer
Southerly Ten

Fueling the future: strategies to attract women across life stages to the energy sector
  • The energy transition presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity the to build meaningful gender equality actions into Victoria’s renewable energy sector from the ground up
  • A diverse and gender equal workforce is critical to the successful delivery of Victoria’s renewable energy transition
  • Sustained and varied actions are required to drive improved gender quality
  • Going beyond capacity building, to address systemic barriers
  • We need to gain and share a specific and community-informed view of the varied experiences of migrant and multicultural women, First Nations women, women with disabilities, women of all ages, LGBTIQA+ people, and women living in rural and regional areas working in renewable energy
  • Victoria is addressing some of these issues through our Women in Energy Strategy, which will sit alongside our forthcoming Victorian Energy Jobs Plan

Elizabeth Molyneux
Deputy Secretary, Energy
Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA)

Finding success in your energy career journey: plotting a course through established industry structures
  • Navigating experiences and challenges of career advancement in energy 
  • Leveraging the industry networks, mentorship, and sponsorship
  • Taking innovative approaches in attracting, fostering, and retaining emerging talent with the right experience

Phaedra Deckart
Chief Executive Officer
Solstice Energy

PANEL DISCUSSION: Fixing the system, not the women: how can men and women work together to drive diversity, equity & inclusion?
  • What are the key systemic issues perpetuating gender inequity in energy?
  • How did you realise the ‘system’ was flawed and what underpinned your desire to fix it?
  • How can organisations harness allyship and collective power to drive a cultural transformation that benefits everyone involved? 
  • What policies and structures work to drive diversity and how can resistance to them be overcome?


Clea Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Tradeswomen Australia


Dominic Adams
General Manager, Networks
Energy Networks Australia

Vedran Kovac
Executive General Manager Commercial
Hydro Tasmania

Phaedra Deckart
Chief Executive Officer
Solstice Energy

Bodye Darvill
Director of Emerging Industries
Latrobe Valley Authority

Adjusting work practices and embracing flexibility to enhance inclusivity
  • Maximising the benefit of flexible and hybrid work practices
  • Continually evolving ways to enhance and improve genuine inclusivity in the workplace
  • Understanding the importance of flexibility and inclusivity to support the energy transition

Lisa Chiba
Managing Director
Momentum Energy

Electra Davies
General Manager People and Experience
Momentum Energy

Morning Tea & networking
Empowering Indigenous communities: a blueprint for sustainable infrastructure development in the energy transition
  • Strategies for building the capacity of Indigenous communities to actively participate in renewable energy projects
  • Integrating Indigenous knowledge and practices into renewable energy development
  • Fostering relationships, collaboration and cultural respect in decision-making processes

Carly Irving-Dolan
Non-Executive Member
Electrical Vehicle Council

Leading through technical expertise: balancing technical proficiency with leadership skills

Join Bronwyn See who will share insights from a long career with previous roles at Origin Energy, AGL, INPEX & Santos.

  • Recognising technical expertise as a critical asset in leadership roles
  • Identifying common challenges that technically proficient professionals face when stepping into leadership roles
  • Avoiding prioritising technical solutions over people management or strategic thinking
  • Exploring how leaders with technical expertise can foster a culture that values innovation & collaboration

Bronwyn See
Australian Gas Industry Trust

Partner presentation
Beyond technical expertise: developing the often-overlooked skills you need for your energy career
  • Business acumen: understanding the business context of an energy project so you can contribute to decision making
  • Project management: building skills to improve personal results and contribute to your team’s success
  • Creativity & innovation: nurturing creative thinking to envision new projects, approaches & solutions
  • Negotiating skills: improving workplace interactions and gaining the recognition, pay and promotions you deserve
  • Emotional intelligence: dealing with conflict or difficult personalities and recognising when peers need support

Bodye Darvill
Director of Emerging Industries
Latrobe Valley Authority

Networking Lunch
Leading through the promise & pitfalls of the clean energy transition
  • Keeping up with the rapid pace of transformation changes and the novel approaches being adopted
  • Embracing the importance of leadership during the transition
  • Creating resilient teams to tackle future opportunities and obstacles

Renee Ingram
General Manager - Emerging Projects

Understanding the role batteries can play in the transition
  • Examining the practical applications and benefits of battery technology in the transition
  • Enhancing grid stability & managing fluctuations in energy supply and demand
  • Exploring the potential of battery storage to make communities more self-reliant
  • Analysing market opportunities and addressing challenges such as cost, scalability, and regulatory barriers

Stephanie Bashir
Non-Executive Board Member
Smart Energy Council

Afternoon tea & networking
What role will hydrogen & renewable gases play in Australia’s energy market?
  • Analysing the market opportunities and challenges for hydrogen and renewable gases
  • Facilitating the integration of variable renewable energy sources
  • Exploring the potential of hydrogen and renewable gases to support Australia's decarbonisation efforts

Joanna Kay
General Manager
Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia

PANEL DISCUSSION: How can the sector rapidly increase the pace of renewable development to meet 2030 targets?
  • What partnerships or initiatives is your organisation engaged in to scale up hydrogen production and integrate it into Australia's energy system?
  • How do you envision project innovation and job creation while supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy?
  • How do you collaborate with renewable energy developers and other stakeholders to ensure grid integration and reliability as renewable penetration increases?


Marghanita Johnson
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Aluminium Council


Alida Jansen van Vuuren
Head of Distribution System Operator (DSO)

Joanna Kay
General Manager
Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia

Chloe Hicks
Executive Director, Strategy and Policy

Vida Cheeseman
Head of Corporate Communications
Endeavour Energy (NSW)

Closing remarks from the Chair and end of Women in Energy & Renewables Summit 2024